Beckett Cantley Recognized for Authorship Expertise

Professor Beckett Cantley, JD, LLM, senior partner at Cantley Dietrich, P.C., has been acknowledged by the Social Sciences Research Network (SSRN) as being among the top 10% of authors on SSRN, based on all-time downloads.

Prof. Cantley is an internationally recognized expert in administrative tax, insurance and financial matters, as they relate to the law. As a subject matter expert and prolific author, Prof. Cantley regularly publishes on these and related topics.

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What is the Social Sciences Research Network (SSRN)?

SSRN is an online data library of scholarly research, specializing in social sciences, humanities, economics, corporate governance and the law.

Partnering with almost 2,000 scholarly journals, SSRN provides download access to papers from researchers and authors that have appeared — or will soon appear — in a published journal. By agreement with their journal partners, SSRN provides the majority of these works at no cost to the user.

Professor Cantley’s Work on SSRN

To date, Prof. Cantley has published 24 scholarly papers on SSRN. These works have been included for publication by renowned scholarly journals that include:

  • The Houston Business and Tax Law Journal
  • The Brigham Young University International Law & Management Review
  • The U.C. Davis Business Law Journal
  • The Hastings West-Northwest Journal of Environmental Law & Policy
  • The Journal of Transnational Law & Policy
  • The Fordham Journal of Corporate and Financial Law
  • The Oregon Review of International Law
  • The South Carolina Journal of International Law & Business

Although much of his work focuses on issues concerning taxation and compliance in the captive insurance market, Prof. Cantley has written on a variety of subjects that include:

  • Using conservation easements in lieu of eminent domain action
  • The legality of governmental seizure of unpatented mining claims
  • Capital control efforts through tax enforcement, gold regulation and retirement reform
  • The U.S. attack on the sovereignty of Swiss banks

You can find Prof. Cantley’s body of work on his SSRN author page.

Getting to Know Prof. Beckett Cantley

Beckett Cantley obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley. He earned his J.D. from the Southwestern University School of Law and his LLM (taxation) at the University of Florida.

Currently, Prof. Cantley is an associate professor of law at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School and an adjunct professor at Northeastern University, where he teaches International Taxation as a part of the school’s master’s in taxation degree program.

Prof. Cantley publishes multiple white papers, journal articles and scholarly papers each year. He is regularly invited to present at legal conferences around the world, addressing topics related to captive insurance, organizational risk management and international taxation issues.

Prof. Cantley counsels clients that include law firms, CPA firms and financial planning firms, assisting them with individual, family, business owner and business entity matters relating to taxation, captive insurance companies, trusts, estates, corporate entity structures, probate and international business transactions.

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