Tax Compliance

Tax compliance issues are especially challenging for business owners and highly compensated individuals, due to the complexity of their financial profiles and asset portfolios. And, as a result, you are more likely to attract unwanted scrutiny – potentially much more – from taxing authorities.

At Cantley Dietrich, our tax attorneys are compliance-oriented. In fact, we focus on helping individuals, business owners and organizations achieve and maintain compliance with all applicable taxation authorities.

The Critical Nature of Tax Compliance

If you’ve ever incurred the wrath of the IRS or state taxation authorities, you already know the answer. The IRS can assess virtually limitless fines and they can – and will – pursue criminal action whenever possible. However, an equally concerning aspect of an audit or investigation is the amount of time and resources you must invest to protect yourself and your interests.

Between the legal representation you will require and the hours it taks to prepare for, undergo and respond to audits, you could potentially take a substantial hit to your bottom line.

When your personal and business operations are compliant, your risk of a challenge diminishes. And, if the IRS or another taxation authority does come knocking, demonstrating your compliance requires significantly fewer resources

Comprehensive Tax Compliance Strategies

As experienced tax attorneys, we develop strategies tailored to you, your financial profile and your asset portfolio. Our customized strategies are designed to help you build wealth and protect your assets within a compliant framework.

We combine tax planning, complex estate planning and asset protection strategies to ensure that all aspects of your personal and business financial activities are conducted within the bounds of the law, domestically and (if applicable) internationally. If you have offshore assets, We will help ensure that you are reporting correctly and prepared to demonstrate that fact, if necessary.

We work closely with you and your other trusted advisors to develop a comprehensive strategy that ensures you remain compliant even in the face of the ever-changing U.S. tax landscape.

Trust a Tax Compliance Specialist

At Cantley Dietrich, our compliance-oriented tax attorneys recognize the importance of helping our clients adhere to all governing laws and regulations. We work closely with your team, including your in-house counsel, CPA, financial advisors and others, to provide solutions that get you – and keep you – compliant.

Our attorneys are well-versed in current tax law and regarded as experts in this complex legal arena. We write and publish regularly on the subject and, through involvement with legislators and others, we are on the cutting edge of future developments.

Consequently, we help our clients get in front of upcoming changes in the law to help them remain compliant, today and in the future, while minimizing the impact of taxation on their asset portfolio. Contact Cantley Dietrich today to learn more about how we can help you with any tax compliance matters.