Tax Planning

Cantley Dietrich focus on tax planning for high-net-worth clients with a focus on legally preserving wealth and protecting assets.

At the heart of our advanced planning strategies are the goals of preserving as much of your estate as possible for the future while avoiding potential legal threats or unwanted scrutiny from tax authorities.

We are experts in the field of tax law and we focus on keeping our clients compliant through the appropriate application of the law. Our services can help you minimize your federal and state tax liability as well as gift and estate tax liabilities.

Updated Tax-Planning Strategies

Recent changes to the tax code have compelled a revised approach to planning strategies, to better manage risk while also leveraging the opportunities new laws present.

If you haven’t yet explored these opportunities, or if it’s been a while since you reviewed your strategies, you could be missing out on new approaches for reducing your tax liability. On the other hand, you may be exposing yourself to unnecessary risk.

As a part of updating your strategies, we consider how tax planning affects your asset protection and wealth transfer. We always recommend that our clients approach tax planning as a component of their asset protection strategies, as they share many common goals.

Tax Planning for Business Owners

Owners of small-to-medium-sized businesses face a variety of unique challenges that can affect overall financial strategies. Business owners and the self-employed face twice the risk, but fortunately, they also have access to opportunities that are not available to others.

The tax attorneys at Cantley Dietrich have intimate and up-to-date knowledge and understanding of the options — and the potential risks — that affect tax planning for business owners.

A particularly effective approach that works for many clients involves a charitable giving tax strategy. We have a variety of vehicles we can use to help you while you help others in need.

Avoiding Tax-Planning Risks

Because we are strongly focused on compliance, we take all necessary steps to help clients avoid risks and pitfalls that can accompany ill-advised strategies.

By helping you avoid unwanted scrutiny, fines and legal challenges, we protect your assets and your future from threats. The tax code provides many opportunities for legally limiting your liability. Our advanced knowledge of the opportunities allows us to develop customized strategies that protect you, your family and your assets.

In fact, many potentially questionable strategies — family limited partnerships (FLPs), for instance — are perfectly legal when administered correctly. When vehicles of this nature are abused, however, it can bring unwanted attention to all your financial vehicles.

For assistance with complex tax planning for business owners and high-net-worth individuals, contact Cantley Dietrich today.