Probate & Probate Litigation

cantley dietrich

The law firm Cantley Dietrich offers probate assistance to clients throughout the our practice areas, providing knowledgeable guidance through the estate administration process and ensuring that all legal requirements are followed. Our firm is here to make probate as smooth as possible, helping you ensure that things are done right and minimizing the stress of the process in an already stressful time.

When a loved one passes away, the affairs of the deceased must be put in order and any assets must be distributed to the appropriate beneficiaries. Handling all of these matters may be fairly simple, or quite complex, depending on the estate and the requirements of the will and trusts if there are any. Our firm can help you take care of all the details of probate and estate administration, freeing you to focus on the bigger picture.

Our firm is also comfortable in the courtroom, and we are experienced in litigation. If litigation is necessary, such as for trust disputes, will contests or other issues, we are capable of representing you and making sure that your best interests are protected.