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With an impeccable reputation for integrity and client satisfaction, Cantley* Retired Dietrich is a national firm that has retained the values and relationship-oriented approach of a boutique firm. We assist high-net-worth clients with asset protection, tax planning, tax compliance, wills, trusts and complex estate planning. We are also among the nation’s leading experts in captive insurance tax law and compliance. If you are in need of a compliance-oriented tax attorney to advise you on legally safeguarding your wealth by limiting your tax liabilities and legal risk, we are uniquely qualified to assist you. Contact us today and speak to a Cantley* Dietrich tax advisor.

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Moore v. United States: the U.S. Supreme Court’s Impending Revisiting of the Definition of “Income”

Abstract The passing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (“TCJA”) in December 2017 made significant changes that affect both domestic and international businesses income taxes. One of the most notable changes involves the Internal Revenue Code (“IRC”) section 965 transition tax on foreign earnings of foreign subsidiaries of U.S. companies, which deems ...

The Resurrection of Micro-Captive Insurance

Download Word document The aggressive micro-captive insurance company industry is at severe risk of decimation. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) initially issued Notice 2016-66 to designate certain micro-captives as transactions of interest, which allowed the IRS to garner information about a micro-captive to measure if it is an abusive tax shelter. H ...

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Severity Under Scrutiny: The U.S. Supreme Court Battle Over the FBAR Penalty

Abstract In recent years, Congress strengthened federal regulation of foreign bank accounts held by United States citizens. In 1970, Congress passed the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), requiring U.S. citizens to report their foreign bank accounts using a form called the Foreign Bank Account Report, or “FBAR.” However, the Treasury Department rarely enf ...

Proposed Regs Could Cast a Wider Net for Microcaptive Scrutiny

by Chandra Wallace The microcaptive reportable transaction regulations proposed April 10 mean a whole new set of transactions are now listed transactions — considered abusive by the IRS and subject to challenge — tax advisers warn. The proposed regs ( REG-109309-22 ) designate two microcaptive transaction types as “listed transactions” and ...