Creditor Protection

Asset protection services shield your valuable holdings from creditors and litigants who hope to get ahold of the resources you’ve worked hard to build. The legacy you spend a lifetime acquiring could be wiped out in the blink of an eye if you haven’t taken proactive measures to protect it. 

Cantley Dietrich assists high-net-worth clients with the protection of all types of assets, including liquid assets, business interests, real estate, securities and other artefacts of value. We employ a variety of strategies that leverage both domestic and international law.

As hard as you’ve worked to build your portfolio, you should not have to take chances with — or worry about — your amassed holdings. The asset protection attorneys at Cantley Dietrich focus on safeguarding your interests using a dynamic and proven combination of legal strategies.

Asset Protection Strategies

Using U.S. and international laws designed to assist asset-holders, our legal team develops strategies especially for you. We begin by evaluating your personal and professional profile to identify potential threats and areas of vulnerability.

Based on your objectives and your asset portfolio, we develop a customized plan for you, incorporating a combination of proven wealth preservation strategies designed to limit your legal liability.

To increase the protection of your assets, we also incorporate elements of estate and tax planning, wealth management and wealth transfer. You can protect your portfolio in many ways, one of which is limiting your tax liabilities.

Our smart approach to wealth preservation leaves no stone unturned and will help you overcome even the most aggressive challenges.

Asset Protection with a Focus on Privacy

As important as it is to protect your hard-earned assets, Cantley Dietrich also prioritizes our clients’ privacy.

Based on recent changes in domestic and international privacy laws, our legal team develops strategies proven to withstand a variety of challenges. All our strategies are designed to withstand legal scrutiny and the test of time.

We approach your needs with a clear understanding that little can be masked in today’s high-tech society. Consequently, we ensure our clients’ privacy, even in highly sensitive situations, by establishing virtually impenetrable layers of protection.

Asset Protection Planning

The most effective strategies for protecting your assets require careful planning and a thorough understanding of the law. We assist clients both domestically and internationally, using a variety of vehicles.

As you might imagine, protecting your assets requires ongoing effort. Over time, as changes take place in the law and in your life, and as your asset profile grows, we strongly recommend revisiting your program for a “health check.” We suggest re-evaluating your strategies annually and in the event of any significant personal, professional or economic changes.

The asset protection lawyers at Cantley Dietrich are internationally known for developing aggressive wealth-preservation strategies. We structure every client’s plan individually, because a one-size-fits-all approach will not provide the level of protection you deserve.

For a confidential consultation, contact Cantley Dietrich today. We look forward to showing you how our innovative and highly effective approach to asset protection can offer you the peace of mind you deserve.