Asset Transfer: Do You Trust the Next Generation to Manage Your Wealth?


wealth management next generation - father and son

Asset transfer is a straightforward process. However, for closely held business owners and highly compensated individuals, transferring assets can be a complex process. Without a f ...

Donor-Advised Funds Provide Clear Advantages


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Donor-advised funds, or DAFs, are becoming more popular with business owners and highly compensated individuals because of their many advantages. DAFs have been compared to a savin ...

Estate Planning Changes You Need to Consider Before 2020


estate planning changes

Now that 2019 has arrived, your estate planning strategies need a rigorous review — and possibly some revisions and updating — before next year. If you’re like most highly co ...

Why You Need an Asset Protection Plan Right Now


asset protection plan - man looking over city

Whatever your net worth may be, an asset protection plan helps you reduce risk and preserve as much of your wealth as possible. For small-business owners and highly compensated ind ...