Compliance & Governance Issues in the Captive Insurance Market


Captive insurance compliance and governance

The subject of captive insurance companies (CICs) and tax law violations has been the topic of much discussion over the past year. Matters such as Phoenix 2010 Revocable Trust v. A ...

Considerations for Contesting a Trust or Will


Contesting a will or trust

With estate planning, it is important to take steps to prevent potential legal challenges to your will and any trusts you have set up. But what if you find yourself on the other si ...

The Human Aspects of Estate Planning


Estate planning for your beneficiaries

Estate planning — particularly for highly compensated individuals and business owners — is often perceived as a complex process of entities, legal documents and tax law complia ...

How Divorce Affects Your Asset Protection Strategies


asset protection during divorce

When you’re creating asset protection strategies, you must consider the possibility of divorce and how it can affect your financial health. In matters of the heart, no one ever w ...

3 Reasons You Should Make Charitable Contributions Now


charitable contributions

Charitable contributions are a powerful tool for making positive changes in the world. For highly compensated individuals and business owners, the benefits of your financial donati ...