Understanding the Tax Ramifications of Business Owner Compensation


What types of compensation are deductible for businesses can be confusing. Here are some guidelines.

Businesses that claim tax deductions for wages and salaries — as well as commissions, bonuses, and other compensation to employees — are well within IRS tax laws. However, it ...

One-Two Punches to Conservation Easements (Part 1 of 2)


One-Two Punches to Conservation Easements

Two recent tax court decisions highlight the need for compliance-oriented planning in taxation matters. These two cases illustrate that small details make all the difference — of ...

How Highly Compensated Individuals Can Avoid Excess IRS Scrutiny


Avoiding IRS scrutiny for highly compensated individuals means understanding tax laws

If you are what the IRS considers a highly compensated employee (HCE) at your job, it’s important to understand what that means and how it can impact your finances, as well as ho ...

What You Should Know About Estate Tax Changes


If you haven’t reviewed your estate plan recently, now is the time to talk to a tax advisor.

Estate plans have long been an essential vehicle for keeping federal estate taxes low, but recent changes to tax laws surrounding estate plans make now a great time to review your ...

Tax Court Upholds Ruling on Deductions for Conservative Easements


Court finds that the IRS complied with rules under section 6751 in assessing penalty.

The U.S. tax court recently upheld penalties assessed against a Georgia partnership for a tax deduction related to a conservation easement. Anyone who received tax benefits as a re ...