Benefits of a Boutique Firm for Estate Planning & Income Tax Planning

When it comes to your taxes and wealth planning, it’s important that you have a team of people you trust to protect the wealth you have earned over time. The challenge for many people is finding the right firm with the right expertise. For many high-net-worth individuals and families, the best answer may not be a “high-powered” firm with thousands of attorneys, it’s actually a boutique estate planning or income tax planning firm that can provide you with one-on-one attention.

Boutique firms are at their best when you hear, “we don’t try to be all things to all people.”  If you want a one-stop shop where you can litigate, conduct mergers, make claims on mineral rights, and do your estate planning, the large firm is for you.  If you prize individualized, direct attention on a specific matter, then a boutique firm is the right place.

Boutique estate planning and income-tax planning firms offer several benefits for clients.

No Two Estate Plans or Tax Plans are Alike

One of the primary reasons to look at a boutique firm for all your estate planning and tax planning needs is that your estate plan or your income tax needs will be different from anyone else’s. Even though we use some common threads and tools for people with similar net worth, similar business income or similar assets, you deserve a plan tailored specifically to your situation and circumstances.

Boutique firms give you the personal service that lets you know you’re getting the best advice based on your financial picture.

The Expertise of a Large Firm

There’s no denying that a large tax planning or estate planning firm will have vast resources, but the right boutique firm has exceptional attorneys and tax professionals who provide the same high-caliber advice as a bigger firm, without the hassles that often come from dealing with a large firm, like having your attorney’s attention diverted to other clients and other matters on a regular basis.

At Cantley Dietrich, we recruit the best talent in the nation to work in our Las Vegas, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and Salt Lake City offices. Our attorneys understand state and local, federal,and international tax planning laws, so you get a comprehensive plan using the right tools and practical applications of the law.

Focused Expertise

When you work with a smaller firm or a boutique firm, what you get are attorneys with specialized experience and expertise in tax planning and estate planning. Our attorneys don’t cover every area of the law; we focus on helping you make smart decisions on your income taxes and protecting the wealth you have earned.

Attorneys that focus intensely in their field are often at the forefront of legal strategies and changes in that area, which benefits you if you have a particularly large estate or need complicated planning assistance.

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