Uncovering Four Ways That Biden’s American Families Plan Attacks Your Wealth


Do the rich pay their fair share? Federal income taxes and adjusted gross income earned in 2018

The proposed agenda in the American Families Plan (“AFP”) marks an ambitious proposal to reconfigure both how the United States rewards the American Dream and how it proposes t ...

Captive Insurance Company FAQs


Captive Insurance Company FAQs

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The Biden Administration Takes Aim at Wealth: 10 Proposed Tax Hikes Targeting Corporations and The Wealthy


Biden’s Proposed Increase to Corporate Tax Rate

A look at some of the Biden administration's tsunami of proposed tax hikes targeting corporations and the wealthy. Here is a quick high-level overview of what you should be thinkin ...

Ground Zero: A comprehensive review of the IRS Attack on Syndicated Conservation Easement


What is a Syndicated Conservation Easement - The Cantley Dietrich Blog

A "syndicated" conservation easement is a transaction whereby the promoter organizes a group of investors together in an entity, uses the investors' cash contributions to the entit ...

Risks You Can Avoid by Using Attorney Paymaster Services


Attorney paymaster services

Anyone who is conducting business internationally or making large transactions should be aware of attorney paymaster services. These services are designed to protect you and others ...